Gaydon, Warwickshire

Virtual reality suite

This is the advanced design and engineering facility and home to Land Rover design. It also boasts the UK's largest hybrid engineering team. Here you'll find the design studios, chassis and body engineering, CAD workstations, a virtual-reality suite, climatic wind tunnels, rig-test and engine test beds, an electro-magnetic chamber and materials laboratories. There is also an extensive test track and off-road testing. It employs around 10,000 employees.

The EBPC at Gaydon offers a good insight in vehicle design and engineering, as well as offering tours to specialist areas where vehicle rig testing such as vibrational tests and climate tests are carried out. We also visit the tear down facility and the rapid prototyping department. In addition to this, special JLR presentations are also delivered upon request. Activities relating to engineering are also available whereby you get the chance to have a go at experiencing system control by programming and controlling smart boxes, traffic light systems, also you can take part in one of our vehicle building modules.